Our missions

The estate genealogy concerns the search for heirs of a deceased person without a known family.

The main function of the genealogist is to search for the heirs of the deceased and to reveal the succession to the beneficiaries. We can act spontaneously when it comes to public domain-managed escrow or at the request of a notary who cannot establish the devolution of an estate for which he is responsible.

The ERGO Genealogical Study is committed to providing its expertise for the service of those who have mandated it. The seriousness and the rigor will be entirely turned towards its claim of excellence. It undertakes to produce all the necessary justifications establishing the quality of the heirs, in particular by creating a genealogical chart.

By its signature of the act of notoriety, our study will certify and will incur its responsibility in the accuracy of the devolution succession that it will have delivered.

It is through the signing of the estate revelation contract and a power of attorney that the heirs give us the power to settle the estate on their behalf. The study therefore undertakes to best represent the interests of its heirs throughout the settlement of the estate.